IT’S GONNA BE A NO FROM ME, DOG: Eyelash Extensions

I am obsessed with having long lashes. I have tried every single mascara possible, I have purchased thousands of fake eyelashes, and have tried every home remedy to make them grow longer. Alas, I have never been totally happy with how they’ve turned out.

So, a couple weeks ago I decided to take the plunge into getting eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are essentially a more permanent version of fake eyelashes. The esthetician uses semi-permanent glue to adhere synthetic eyelashes to your real eyelashes.

The first time I got them done, it was a failure on my part. After you get them done, you’re not supposed to get the lashes wet within the first 24 hours. Of course, because I’m the luckiest person alive, I got deathly ill the following day and got them wet. About a week later, I decided to have them refilled because I loved the way they looked after the first time she did them.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 9.57.08 AM
Picture of me, taken from the Instagram of the woman who did my lashes

The first day I had them done, they looked amazing. But, the day after they did not have the same wispy, dramatic appearance. I tried to gently brush them out and curl them but that just led to a couple of the lashes falling out.

This is a few days after getting my lashes done. The length is still there but you can see that there are some spots were the lashes have fallen out.

My unhappiness with how my lashes were working with me has nothing to do with the esthetician. She was very nice and made me feel very comfortable while I had my lashes done. But for me, the service just doesn’t seem practical. For the initial service, I paid $85 plus a tip. For the refill, I paid $65 plus a tip.

To have to pay $65+ every 2 weeks to only have my lashes looking great for one day, just doesn’t make sense to me. You’re also not supposed to rub your eyes and that just wasn’t happening for me. I personally would prefer purchasing strip eyelashes and applying them when I feel like it.



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